Some Beginner Agility Spaces currently available,

(dogs at least 10 months old)

Saturday afternoons  at Glasgow venue

Monday evenings & Tuesday evening at Ayrshire venue 


more info at Bookwhen


please send an email to


Include following details, age/breed/any training to-date ( agility or otherwise)


Red Dog Agility classes are fun, friendly and provide positive training for everyone from beginners to competition level and from crossbreeds to pedigree dogs! 


Our dog agility training classes are held in South Ayrshire and Glasgow, Scotland, and we also offer online training to help kick start your agility journey!


We love to teach you how to work as a team with your dog and how you can build a better bond with them. You and your dog will learn essential agility skills for both handler and dog, with the emphasis always on safety, fun and positive training. 


If you'd like any more information, please contact us using the form below, alternatively, if you'd like to get a head-start on your agility training or don't live nearby but like what you've read, go to our online section where you can find out more.